Production, Trade and Services.

We employ 250 people and hold a total production area of over 27.000 m² (290,000 ft²)."

Fibmarkt d.o.o. is Slovenia’s premier metal-processing company. Founded in 1990 by the Breznik family, the company manufactures cutting-edge products and is internationally recognized for its quality, knowledge and experience.

Our production includes:

  • Components for rail vehicles
  • Amusement parks,
  • Metal structures and microalloyed steel parts,
  • Chassis for mobile cranes,
  • Metallurgical and mining equipment,
  • Various metal structures for construction and shipbuilding (bridge cranes, ship rudders, 400 ft Ferris wheel),
  • Steel components for processing industry,
  • Geotechnical and hydrodynamic equipment (turbine inlets, dam gates, gantry cranes).

In july 2009, Fibmarkt acquired the production area in Studenci (Maribor), which was previously owned by Siemens Transportations Systems.


FIBMARKT družba za proizvodnjo, trgovino in storitve d.o.o.

Preradovičeva ulica 44,
2000 Maribor

Phone: +386 (0)2 2504400
Fax: +386 (0)2 2504409


ID of VAT: SI98293257


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